On December 24, the first tank of a column of the 2. Panzer Division (2nd armoured division), part of the 5. Panzerarmee (5th armoured army), ended up on a landmine on this crossroads at Celles and stopped. They didnít know it was the only mine so they left the road and drove through the fields. In the end they couldnít go on because there was no fuel left. Two days later the Germans were discovered and completely destroyed by the English and Americans.
This action damaged the strength of the 5. Panzerarmee so much that they couldnít make the attack like planned.

June 2004

We almost missed the German Panther tank at Celles. It was next to the crossroads were our road ended. But our road was in a way that we didnít see it at first.

Panther Tank Ausf G which drove on a mine Nowadays a few meters next to the explosion Memorial