December 25, general Patton and the 3rd Army liberated Ettelbruck. Ettelbruck was in the middle of the firing line between the Germans and the Americans. This town was completely torn down when it was liberated.

July 2004

On this day we visited Musée Patton at Ettelbruck. We couldnít go another day because this museum isnít open many times in June; only on the weekends in the afternoon. We had only one weekend and we didnít have time on these days. But in July it is opened every day, so we decided to go on the last day of our vacation.
This museum tells the story of the war from the German attack in 1940 until the liberation.
The weather was rainy on this day. When we had visited the museum we looked at the statue of general Patton. It was dry by then but when we reached our car it started to rain again.

Generaal George S. Patton jr. M4A1(75) Sherman tank Memorial for general Patton The American eagle The road that the Germans used during the battle