In Bastogne we went to the museum Bastogne Historical Center. The museum was next to the monument Le Mardasson. This is a monument for the 76,890 American soldiers killed in action during the Battle of the Bulge. It is a big star as used by the allies. You can walk through, or around, or on it. It gives a fabulous view over the battlefields of Bastogne. There are also orientation tables to explain where you can find each town and village.
Bastogne Historical Center is a good museum with a lot of uniforms. The movie there seems not that interesting for everyone. There were a few people who couldn’t stop talking all the time.
There was also a big store next to this museum with a lot of English and French books. But there was also a lot of things about D-day, almost half of this shop was filled with it.

Le Mardasson, a Belgium American monument On the margin are the American states written The shape of this monument is a five pointed star View to Bastogne
The badges of a couple of American units who have been in battle here The rebuilded Bastogne War Museum The rebuilded Bastogne War Museum M4(105) Sherman Tank
The tanks used to be outside British tankdestroyer M10 Achilles British tankdestroyer M10 Achilles
Monument for the 101st Airborne Division Plaque of the monument The last marker of the Liberty Highway

Monday, June 21, 2004

We started this day with a nice museum in Bastogne Au Pays d’Ardenne (From the region the Ardennes). This museum consists of three parts: one with old tools, one about the animals that lives in the Ardennes and one about the war.