The 5. Panzerarmee did pass Bastogne on both sides instead of losing time by taking it, therefore the 101st Airborne Division, who came to help the tank divisions, was surrounded by German troops.

The former entrance of Bastogne Main street; also to see in Band of Brothers This street is always this crowded Brigadier General Anthony McAuliffe
Jeep; advertising for the 101st Airborne Museum Le Mess Jeep M4A3(75)W Sherman Tank with gun The back side
Plaque for the 10th Armored Division Plaque for all liberators Plaque for the 101st Airborne Division Plaque for nurse Renée Lemaire
101st Airborne Museum Le Mess The American soldiers who died were burried here The cemetery of Bastogne is right in front of the HQ of general McAuliffe