We stopped halfway from the Wood of Peace and the village Foy at the forest to visit the foxholes of Easy Company. This was easier said than done because this part is not to be found in the routes. But we found it with the help of the internet and the small map in the book Band of Brothers. In the first part of the forest we already found a few foxholes and a rusty piece of a shell.
We walked further into the forest to the part where Easy had been. On our way we met an American with a very familiar book. He had found a few detonators. We saw a lot of foxholes there but a lot of people had dug in the holes to try to find something. We also noticed a lot of trash in the foxholes. It seems that foxholes also look like a trash bin.
After that we went into the forest again, but now on the Germans side. Here we found a lot of rusty pieces.

Foxholes in Bois Jacques Foxholes at the edge of Bois Jacques Bois Jacques Monument for the Easy Company
The edge of Bois Jacques The edge of Bois Jacques View to Foy