At Clervaux we visited Musée de Bataille des Ardennes (Museum of the Battle of the Ardennes). This museum was situated in a part of a castle. This castle was heavy damaged during the battle.
This museum was a big example of how things shouldnít be displayed. There was too much to see in a small room. Everything was put too close together and even the ceiling was filled with a lot of things. We have seen a lot of museums with better presentations.
After visiting this museum we searched for the statue of an American soldier. It should've been there somewhere. We walked the touristy streets but we didnít find it. We asked about it in a shop. It seems that we had already walked close to the statue but we should have taken a look around the corner.

GI memorial at Clervaux GI memorial at Clervaux Plaque for the 6th Armored Division Liberation memorial of Clervaux
Ch‚teau de Clervaux, this castle was bitterly defended by the Americans but fell in the evening of December 17 Ch‚teau de Clervaux Plaque for the defenders of the castle Sherman Tank and 88 mm PaK
Sherman Tank M4A3 (76) Plaque at the tank German 88 mm PaK German 88 mm PaK