To confuse the allies some Germans wore American uniforms and tried to capture a few bridges with American equipment. If they succeeded the German armoured divisions could go on unhampered.
On December 23, a Jeep with Germans in American uniforms forced a checkpoint next to the Bayard rock at Dinant. They drove into an English minefield that was placed to consolidate the bridge over the Maas.

June 2004

On this day we started with the first route of the Battle of the Bulge. The place where we had to start from took us a while to drive to. However, the largest part was on the highway, or so we thought. We thought wrong!!!
We encountered a lot of road construction. The road construction was on the whole highway so we had only one lane where we could drive only 70 km/h. After driving so slow for 50 km we took a smaller road to stay awake.
Another part we didnít understand was that this route started with a museum that doesn't open before 1.30 pm. We knew this already and started our route at Dinant. The monument wasnít that clear anymore as we saw in the brochure. I guess nobody looks after it.

The Bayard rock and the river Meuse The Bayard rock The Germans came only this far The lines aren't clear anymore