At December 18, the front part of Kampfgruppe Peiper did go through La Gleize on their way to the Meuse. The Americans had blocked the road so the Germans had to go back to La Gleize. The back part of the German troops with the supplies and fuel were still on the other bank of the river Amblève. The front had to fight heavily to get out. They left by foot, crossed the Amblève and finally reached the other part of their unit.

June 2004

We visited the 1944 Historical Museum at La Gleize. We bought a guide of the museum, but we shouldn’t have. In the guide we found parts described together, but they were located in different places in the museum. The upper level was re-appointed but in the guide was the old way of showing. We had a lot of searching to do before we had the right explanation to every show-case. In front of the museum was a German Tiger II tank also known as a Königstiger (King Tiger). There we are talking about a huge tank. This makes the Sherman look really small. The Americans couldn’t eliminate the Tiger tanks because of the very heavy armor. But still the Germans ran from the battlefield leaving their tanks behind. There was no fuel left.

Peiper had his HQ in the basement of this house December 1944 Historical Museum Plaque for the 740th Tank Battalion The Königstiger
Turret of the Königstiger Tanknumber 213: 2. Kompanie, 1. Peloton, 3. Panzer Back side of the Königstiger This Königstiger was used to practice how to destroy this kind of tank