Tanks of the 2. Panzer SS (2nd SS Armoured Division) of the 6. SS-Panzerarmee drove on Christmas Eve to Grandmenil where they were stopped by a tank blockade. The German tanks succeeded to break through the blockade and the American tanks had to pull back. Next day Grandmenil was captured by the Americans again. The Panther tank we saw in this village was left behind because of shortage of fuel.

June 2004

On this day we did a part of the fourth route. We started in Grandmenil with a German Panther tank.

Panther Mark V Tank; one of the tanks of the 2. SS-Panzer Division This one was left behind during the attack at Grandmenil because of their shortage of gas Panther Mark V Tank ausführung G Panther Mark V Tank
The turret of the Panther Mark V Tank Panther Mark V Tank Monument for the 75th Infantry and the 3rd Armored Division Monument for the 951st Field Artillery Battalion