June 2005

On our way to the Vosges Mountains in France we took a break at the American cemetery at Neuville-en-Condroz. We didnít visit it last year because of the road work on both the north-south highways. This means there was only one lane to use for about 50 km and we may not drive faster than 70 km/h. We were afraid to fall asleep by driving this part so we decided to save it for another time.
There are 5328 American soldiers buried at this cemetery. They were killed by conquering Aachen or the battle in the Ardennes. We are sure it was June but it was so cold, we really needed our winter clothes. On that day, it was heavily clouded and the wind was very cold.
We drove on in the direction of Bastogne. We choose a route outside the highways because there was road construction on the highways again. In Belgium they think it is the best to work on these highways in summertime when all the vacation traffic wants to pass these roads going southwards.

The chapel of the cemetery The chapel of the cemetery On the backside are the American insignias
There are 5328 American soldiers buried at this cemetery The American cemetery