We didn’t plan much for this day, only the museum at Diekirch. It was a big disaster to find a parking lot. We had seen the same streets a few time over while searching. In the end we found a place to park our car.
We visited Musée National d’Histoire Militaire Diekirch (Museum of the National Military History at Diekirch). Normally visitors can park in the parking lot next to the museum. But this parking lot was not to be used now for safety reasons. This was because they were doing construction on the building next to the parking lot.
The first room was totally filled with vehicles and other things from the Second World War. It was a pity that there were too many vehicles in this room. There were a lot of different types of vehicles to see but they were too close to each other to take a clear look.
The woman at the pay desk had a really loud voice and she was talking so much to someone else. When we were at the first room we could hear her loud and clear in every corner and she didn't stop talking for a second.
In the next rooms we saw a lot of dioramas. They were put together by using pictures as an example.
The last part showed us the military history of Luxembourg after WW II.

Musée National d'Histoire Militaire Diekirch M1 155mm Howitzer kanon M4A1(76)W Sherman Firefly  with machine gun Damage of shrapnels at the backside of the former brewery
Diorama at the museum Diorama at the museum Diorama at the museum Diorama of the crossing of the river Sûre