At the northeastern part of France are still sections of the Maginot Line. The Maginot Line is a defense line with bunkers build between the two world wars to keep the Germans out. A lot of these strong points are open to visit. A few are still like they were used before the war and others have stuff that was left after the war. We have visited a few different kinds of museums of the Maginot Line. After Saint-Avold we went on to Barst. It is the only museum of the Maginot Line with an anti tank wagon. Our travel guide didnít tell us that the museum wasnít opened yet. Well, a lot was already visible so we went on the terrain to see what was already finished. We figured out that we probably never would come back again to see this finished. There were bunkers, turrets, trenches and an original concrete mixer. Everything together was a nice walk in the burning sun and 32įC. We ended up getting a slight sunburn. We didn't realize that we should have brought some suntan lotion along. The last thing for this day was a museum at Sarralbe. That was our plan. There were no opening times in the Maginot Line travel guide and brochure. We found out that the museum is only open on Sundays. If you want to see anything in this area you have to visit almost everything on Sunday as the other days of the week everything is closed.

Anti tank wagon to close the road Anti tank wagon This road was closed with the anti tank wagon This road was closed with the anti tank wagon
Anti tank wagon Anti tank barrier Turret Abri with trench
A trench Casemate 'La Costaude' Casemate 'La Costaude' Casemate 'La Costaude'
The trenches are rebuild The trenches are rebuild An old concrete mixer An old concrete mixer
Another casemate Another casemate There are more concrete buildings in the area