Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Actually the weather was too hot to walk in a big, old city. But because there wasn’t colder weather expected for the rest of the week, we decided to go to Strasbourg anyway. We went early and arrived at 9.30 am so we could see a lot before the temperature was too high. We bought a small book with a city map with the most important places marked on it. Everything we wanted to see was very easy to find this way.

The liberation of Strasbourg started on November 23 at 6.45 am. The 2ème Division Blindée of general Jacques-Philippe Leclerc started the attack from four sides. At 10.10 am Strasbourg was liberated, but the Germans still found the time to destroy the bridge over the river Rhine.

Obelisk for general Leclerc General Leclerc Flanked by angels
The most important battles of general Leclerc Inscription in the cathedral A mother with two sons killed in the war. One fought for Germany, the other for France.