In Uffheim we visited Casemate-Mémorial de la Ligne Maginot en Haute-Alsace. This casemate is only open on the first and the third Sunday of the month. So this was the only day that we could visit it. Although it isn’t open that often the route is well marked.
This casemate showed us the interior when it was in use in war. There were no show-glasses with German and American stuff. This made it clearer to understand how it supposed to look like.
This museum is managed by a few volunteers who were walking in old French uniforms. Even on this day when it was above 30ºC. Their machine guns are still working and they hope to get permission to shoot with blank ammunition on special occasions. The engine-generator is also working perfectly. They even had light bulbs from the 1940’s which they let burn for a few seconds with the generator. On the backside of the casemate stood the only German tank we have found in the North-Alsace, a Panzerjäger.

Casemate-Mémorial de la Ligne Maginot en Haute-Alsace Artillery Anti tank barrier Turret
View over the battlefield Panzerjäger Panzerjäger