We visited Mémorial Musée de la Ligne de Maginot du Rhin (Memorial Museum of the Maginot Line at the Rhine) at Marckolsheim. It was a nice museum for us because we already knew something about the liberation and the Maginot Line. There just wasn’t much explanation to anything there. The owner was happy to tell us something about it, but he was already talking to other people.
The museum is in a casemate of the third defense line of the Maginot line. This casemate is close to the Rhine. The French troops came from Illhaeusern to the Rhine here and turned southwards to cut off the Germans from the river.
We also found out that the French troops of this casemate who were on duty in 1940 were at first buried next to the door of the casemate, but after the war they were moved to the local cemetery.

35th bunker of the 3rd line of defense Barbed wire and a mine field around the bunker Sherman M4A1 M8 armoured car
M3 half-track Logo of the 1ème Division Française Libre Soviet 152mm KH 433/1(r) Howitzer, used by the Germans This bridge was used to cross the Rhine river
Bridge between Marckolsheim (France) and Sasbach (Germany) Commemorative cross for the killed crew of this casemate