Thursday, June 15, 2006

There is an American M-10 tank at Illhaeusern, just if we only knew in what direction we had to look for it? We looked at the local information map to find out. They had a real fine map; we were wishing that every town had a map like this. The tank and a monument were clearly marked on the map. Most of the local maps donít have this kind of good information.
It was just too bad that we couldnít make a picture of the monument. This monument is on a church tower next to a lantern and they were working on the lantern. It was very easy to find the tank, but we both agreed that it is placed too far outside the town.

tank M-10 'Porc Epic' tank M-10 'Porc Epic' Monument for the victims of three tanks Monument for the victims of both World Wars