Wednesday, June 14, 2006

We decided to start this day with Musée de la Porte de Thann. It wasn’t clear for us which door should be the entrance of the museum. They were all closed. We asked the people at the Information Center across the street and they told us that the museum has been closed for over a year now and it will be closed for another couple of months. It would be nice if the museum had put this information on their website. We checked the website for the opening hours and we found nothing about being closed.
Luckily it wasn’t the only reason why we went to this village. At the border of Cernay and Uffholz is a Nécropole Nationale (French cemetery). Most of the graves are from the First World War but there are also a few from the Second.

Monument for the 17,000 soldiers of the Alsace and Lorraine who had to serve in the German army Nécropole Nationale 2734 graves There are also North-African soldiers buried here
Nécropole Nationale Grave of a North-African soldier Grave of a French soldier Grave of a Jewish French soldier