Sunday, June 19, 2005

We visited a museum in a casemate in Hatten. It is a small museum, but it is a good one and we were able to ask everything we wanted to know. Here, we also found the barricades to stop tanks and people.
The museum is about the occupation in 1940 and the last big tank battle of the war in January 1945. The bunker was heavily damaged by the fighting in early 1945.
The battle of Hatten-Rittershoffen was from January 9 until January 20. This was also the last big battle of operation Nordwind. The German tanks fought here against the American tank division. Soon it turned into a door to door fight in the centre of both villages. 90% of the villages were destroyed. In the end the Americans withdrew on the other site of the Moder. On March 19 both villages were liberated again, this time without any fighting.

The casemate in Hatten Turret Turret Parts of shooting holes
Turret Turret The bunker is heavy damaged... the fighting of operation Nordwind
The bunker is damaged at all sites The bunker is damaged at all sites Tank barrage and mine field Tank barrage
Sherman M4A1 (76) with Hvss Turret