Heteren and other villages at the frontline were evacuated after operation Market Garden. When possible, the allies moved into their houses. There were also parts which where regularly being shot and where located between the allies and the Germans. Both sides were regularly examining these houses. The furniture disappears with every examination. Most every house at Heteren was damaged by the shootings and this damage is still being found.
The Germans made a counterattack from October 1 until 7. The 101st which just arrived to watch over the frontline between Opheusden and Elst. In the fighting against this counterattack about 300 American allies were killed.
Later on the Germans broke the dike whereby a big part of the Overbetuwe became under water, including Heteren. On April 3, 1945 Heteren was finally liberated.

Monument for the 101st Airborne Division The Peperbus, only a few years ago repaired from the war damage One of the houses where the soldiers stayed Stele for the 7th Battalion of the Hampshire Regiment, they were replaced by the 501 PIR of the 101st
Victims of a plane that was shot... ...during operation Market Garden Victims of the RAF