Thursday, May 20, 2004

The John Frost Bridge

We watched over Arnhem from the Eusebiustoren (Eusebiustower). In this tower is a lift of glass. So we were upstairs real quickly and we had a good view of the inside of the tower. At the top is an exhibition about the battle of Arnhem and next to each window is an information panel which tells us what happened where.
Because there was no other bridge to the other side of the Rhine, John Frost could only capture the northern approach from the bridge and the buildings around it. He tried to get over the bridge but failed. At 10 pm they had placed anti-tank artillery and had destroyed a munitions depot on the bridge with a flame-thrower. At that time there was a German convoy passing over the bridge and they were also caught on fire.
Nowadays there is a small building on the bridge where the munitions depot had been.
The Germans came back stronger and on September the 20th they could pass the bridge freely again. In the evening both sides agreed to a cease fire to evacuate the wounded. There were only a few soldiers left and they held their positions until the next morning.

The John Frost Bridge from the Eusebiustower The John Frost Bridge from the Eusebiustower The approach to the bridge from Arnhem The approach to the bridge from Arnhem
At this place was the munitions depot which was set on fire View at the other side of the river View at Arnhem View on the Rhine from the Eusebiustower
British 25 Pounder Gun British 25 Pounder Gun A 400 kg bomb