Saturday, September 20, 2003

After the parachute jumps we visited a few important places. At first we went to the Hotel Hartenstein at Oosterbeek. This was the HQ of major-general Urquhart. Today this building is an Airborne museum. We visited this museum a few years ago and it is recommendable. But on a day like this it was too crowded to see anything.
In front of the museum is the Airborne monument.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Next to museum Hartenstein was sitting an English bus in front of the parking lot. All those people had to get out. We were thinking that they could get out a few meters back, so that we could park our car without any problems.
We were in front of the museum at 11.45 am. We expected it to be open already but we were wrong, it didnít open until 12 am. We decided at the last moment to come here so we couldnít check the internet for the right times. We actually expected that the museum would be open at 10 or 11 am. There were a few more people waiting until the museum opened. Once we allowed in, there were already enough people to start the movie about operation Market Garden.

Hotel Hartenstein The HQ of major-general Urquhart Monument for the English and American Airforce who didn't survive operation Market Garden A British gun
Diorama at museum Hartenstein Diorama at museum Hartenstein Diorama at museum Hartenstein Diorama at museum Hartenstein