Thursday, July 8, 2004

The 3rd battalion left Hotel Hartenstein to the direction of the bridge on September 18. They tried to take the road next to the river but had to stop because of the German gunfire. After that they decided to take a northern route between the houses and small streets. Major-general Urquhart and Brigadier Lathbury lost the rest of the battalion. Brigadier Lathbury got hurt and was bound in a house at the Alexanderstraat 135 (Alexander Street). Major-general Urquhart did go to another house at Zwarteweg 14 (Black Way) via a small alley.
Major-general Urquhart hid at the attic of this house for 12 hours because there was a German gun close to the house.

Alexanderstraat 135 Zwarteweg 14 The alley behind the Zwarteweg The dormer at the backside of the house
Monument for the battle of Arnhem Monument for the battle of Arnhem