101st Airborne Division

Three Parachute Infantry Regiments of the 101st Airborne Division under command of major general Maxwell D. Taylor were dropped north of Eindhoven.
The 501st was dropped south of Veghel and had to capture the bridges over the Willemskanaal (Canal of Willem) and the river Aa.
The 502nd was dropped near Best and had to capture two bridges. One bridge at Best over the Wilhelminakanaal (Canal of Wilhelmina) and the other at St-Oedenrode over the river Dommel. The bridge over the Dommel was taken by plan, but they couldnít take the bridge at Best because of the heavy German resistance. The German soldiers succeeded the next day by blowing the bridge. The 502nd had to stay at this place until the XXX Corps defeated the Germans and made a Bailey bridge over the canal.
The 506th was dropped near the village Son and had to capture another bridge over the Wilhelminakanaal. They also had to capture the four bridges at Eindhoven over the river Dommel. On the same day they had to get in touch with the XXX Corps. The bridge at Son was blown just before they could pass it. The XXX Corps was late and they met one day later than scheduled.
The 502nd and the 506th had to make the liberated part wider. After that they had to go to the north to get in touch with the 82nd Airborne Division. The German soldiers made several counterattacks and tried to cut the northern part off from the south. In the end they didnít succeed.