Near Best there are still some foxholes of the 502nd in the woods. Marc and Steph both found a part of what was the skin of a glider.
At Best the 502nd had to capture the bridge over the Wilhelminakanaal. This bridge was not on the line of the XXX Corps, but it was an alternative for the Son bridge. The 502nd didnít succeed there because of the heavy German resistance. The Germans blew up the bridge on September 8.
We found two monuments for private first class Joe E. Mann. This hero gave his live on September 19 to save his mates. He was already wounded on both arms and couldnít use them anyway. He was sitting in a ditch with other wounded soldiers when a German grenade landed in the ditch. Joe E. Mann threw himself backwards on the grenade and saved the lives of the other soldiers. He received the Congressional Medal of Honor for this brave act. We were very impressed with this story.
One of the monuments is a pelican and a Christian symbol of self-sacrificing. The legend says that this bird feeds his chickens with his own blood.

Foxholes in the forest at Best Foxholes in the forest at Best Monument with pelican for Joe E. Mann
Monument for Joe E. Mann Monument for Joe E. Mann at the place of the grenade Picture of Joe E. Mann