The drop zone of the 506th Parachute Infantry Regiment

Saturday, September 18, 2004

Yesterday it was 60 years ago that the paratroopers landed in the Netherlands for operation Market Garden. There were a lot of activities organized this weekend. We choose to go to the liberation camp of the organization Wheels. Members of this organization have their own jeeps, trucks, tanks or other vehicles that are still driveable. This organization had built a camp next to the drop zone of the 506th near Son.
The internet told us that the camp would be open at 9.00 am, so we were there at that time. We wanted to be there on time before a lot of visitors arrived, thus making it hard to take pictures. We had to get up early because we had to leave at 7.00 am. We needed some time to find the camp because we didnít know the exact location and we didnít have a GPS at that time.
When we arrived we found out that the people of Wheels didnít expect anyone before 10.00 am. We werenít the only ones there and we decided to visit the camp. It was like an open air museum with different kinds of vehicles and tents. The difference between an official museum and here is that every vehicle here can still drive. It costs the owners a lot of time to keep their vehicles still driving.
One of the owners lives two blocks from us and he invited us to ride with him in his Jeep. The Jeep went faster than we expected. We drove about 70 km/h.
Next to the camp was a path through the forest and there we could see a few situations. Like a Jeep what had to drag away, a minefield or a medical post. Every owner liked to tell us about his vehicle. It was all very interesting to see and to hear.

The drop zone of the 506th Parachute Infantry Regiment The liberation camp The entrance of the camp A Willys
A Shermantank A Shermantank A Shermantank A tank
A Harley Davidson Trucks A ambulance of the Red Cross An English armoured car
A trailer with small boats in the forest This Dodge was tackled This Dodge was tackled The fieldkitchen
A halftrack in a ditch Bivouac A halftrack with anti-aircraft Hospital of the Red Cross
Studebaker Weasel A cannon Ready to use