Tuesday, 29 and Thursday, March 31, 2005

The church where the 101st and the XXX Corps met

At Eindhoven we drove to the church where the 101st met the XXX Corps. After that we went to the bridges over the river Dommel that the 506th had to capture. Unfortunately, Hell’s Highway can’t be followed in Eindhoven. The Germans bombarded this city after the liberation and the city was rebuild with a different plan. You can see the bombardment in the mini series ‘Band of Brothers’ and the movie ‘A Bridge too Far’.
At the centre of Eindhoven we took some pictures of the church and a few monuments. We also bought the book ‘Hell’s Highway’ written by George E. Koskimaki. This is a report of his own experiences and also of other veterans and the Dutch resistance.

At Tongerle, a part of Eindhoven, we found the headquarters where Winters stayed. In the meantime the soldiers had to stay outside in foxholes.

One of the four bridges at Eindhoven... ...which had to be captured Steph Leenhouwers A part of  Hell's Highway
Behind this plaque is the Airborne monument The Airborne monument Plaque for the ones who gave their lives Bench for the 101st
Bench for the 506th Church from BoB and A bridge to far Plaque for the bombardment at September 19 Monument in Eindhoven
The citizen, the soldier and the resistance The citizen, the soldier and the resistance HQ of Winters