Saturday, April 2, 2005

St-Oedenrode was taken on September 17 by a part of the 502nd.
We started on this day at St-Oedenrode. At first we went to the castle Henkenshage, a former HQ of the 101st. It was easy to get there but getting out of this part of the village wasnít easy. The road seemed to go in every direction and we lost our feeling of which way to go.
When we finally got out we went to the centre of the city. At the Information Centre we were informed where we could find the place of the former St. Oda monastery. This monastery was mentioned a few times in the book Hellís Highway. However, the women behind the desk had never heard of it. That is very strange when you think that the village and the monastery have the same original names.
We could easily find the bridge over the river Dommel. But the bridge that was next to it on the map had completely disappeared. We couldn't even find the correct body of water that it was supposed to cross.

HQ of the 101st HQ of the Monument from the liberators for the people of this town
Pictures of the liberation Pictures of the liberation Pictures of the liberation Pictures of the liberation
Plaque for the soldiers KIA Bridge over the Dommel