Monday, June 27, 2005

We visited the church at Uden where Winters and Nixon had a view on the coming German tanks between Veghel and Uden. You can read this in the book of BoB. We made a lot of calls and wrote a few letters to finally get permission to climb the right tower. This was the tower where Winters and Nixon had been before they had to leave because of a sniper. We had to climb a lot of stairs before we arrived at the right level.
In this town there was also a little English war cemetery for the Royal Air Force. Most of the people were first buried at the garden of the vicarage.
Uden was captured on September, 22nd by 130 soldiers of the 506th PIR to defend this town against an expected German counterattack. The Germans cut the road between Veghel and Uden on that day, but they had to get back in the end.

The church from wich... ...Winters and Nixon had a view... ...on the coming German tanks The bell that was hit by a sniper
The view to Veghel The view to Veghel The view to Veghel The view on the former English cemetery
Here were the English buried at first The entrance of the English war cemetery Most graves are from the RAF Soldier of the Welch Regiment
2 graves of the RAF Pilot of the Royal N.Z. Air Force