Saturday, September 18, 2004

In the afternoon we went to the museum Bevrijdende Vleugels (Wings of Liberation). This is on a big site with a few aircraft hangars. Each hangar has its own theme. There is a lot to see but donít visit this museum when it is freezing, like we did last winter. The only part that is heated is the café and the other parts have the same temperature as outside.
On this day in September we had good weather and it was nice to walk outside. The museum is really worth a visit. But it is a pity that the most of the vehicles outside are rusting and the vehicles inside are very dusty.
They had an air show organized that was especially for the veterans. After all this we called it a day and left to go home.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

There were a few activities organized in and around museum Liberty of Wings. The website told us that there would be demonstrations lead about and we could get a tour in a jeep over the DZ/LZ. Since the last time we had been there the organization had changed. By bits and pieces the museum will be changing the presentation. We have to say it already was a nice museum but it is getting even better. A lot of vehicles are placed inside now and there is a hall coming up for the Dakota. It always looked nice with all these vehicles between the buildings but they were getting rusty. It is probably a better option to keep the vehicles and Dakota in better condition. The presentation of the first hall with the entrance of the museum is already changed and it looked beautiful.
Unfortunately there was not anything like it was described on their website. The organization which should deliver the vehicles for the static show and tours on the DZ/LZ had called off the event two weeks before. Too bad. The tours were done on this day by the organization with army vehicles from after the war. Because they were interested in vehicles from after the war they couldnít tell us much about what happened during operation Market Garden.
Well, we were already glad that there was some kind of solution. This organization is planning to do the tours again next year. They are already searching for information about operation Market Garden.

A wedding, the wedding dress is made of a parachute A halftrack on a Bailey bridge There were a few demonstrations A re-enactor with a BAR
A Dakota Paratroopers at the Dakota A paratrooper coming out of the Dakota Another Dakota
A reproduktion of a Waco glider A V1 rocket We drove with this jeep from 1953 over the DZ/LZ