Sunday, September 20, 2009

Because of the 65th anniversary of operation Market Garden there were a few different festivities organized. We choose to do the walk around Eerde in the morning and parachute droppings in the afternoon. If there was time between the two things we could visit the camp next to the mill.
This day started with heavy fog, which made our trip to Eerde not that easy as it should be. But the closer we came, the more sun we got.
We choose to do the smaller walk of 7.5 km. The other one was twice as much. We don't have problems with walking the distance but we wanted to be back in time for the parachutes and there were a few things to see on our walk. The weather was getting better every minute. One time we thought it was getting warm in the sun. But at the end of the morning the clouds were back. The walk was good organized; a good description in the guide, arrows everywhere, explanation at the sites and re-enactors who wanted to tell everything. The only thing we didn't liked was that every re-enactor was gone by noon because they had to go to the field of the parachute droppings. We were glad that we choose the smaller walk. When we arrived at the last site we just saw the re-enactors leaving.
Unfortunately the parachute jumping couldn't go through because of the heavy clouds and it became foggy again.

The American flag was shot down a couple of times by the Germans from this church tower. But lieutenant Howard put it back every time Re-enactors pathfinders are marking the dropzone voor de parachute droppings A couple of re-enactors at the dropzone Two re-enactors are guarding
A field hospital A wounded soldier is bind up here A Willeys The Germans formed a line in the Eerde Mountains (sand dunes). The Americans cleared the dunes; but the losses were very high
Heavy fighting took place at this railroad crossing to keep the Germans out of the corridor The re-enactors were picked up for the parachute droppings