Wednesday, April 5, 2006

In the morning we followed the Groesbeekseweg to Groesbeek. We were searching for hotel Sionshof on this road, but we couldn’t find it. We looked at a plan and learned that there were two roads called Groesbeekseweg. One road between Mook and Groesbeek and the other between Nijmegen and Groesbeek.
When we arrived at Groesbeek we looked for a monument next to one of the drop zones around Groesbeek. We found it in the middle of the cornfields.
The monument that we should've found on the corner of two streets was moved to another place, but we found it too.
Close to Groesbeek is a Canadian cemetery and we noticed that it had a lot of parking. This is very different from the English cemetery there that hardly had room for one car. We had sunshine the whole day with only a few clouds until we arrived here. Then we had only clouds and a few raindrops; bad timing.
The rest of the day the sun was back again.

Not only the 505th and the 508th PIR landed close to Groesbeek, but also general James M. Gavin (commander of the 82nd Airborne Division) and lieutenant-general Frederic Browning (commander of the British Airborne Corps which exist of the 101st US Airborne Division, the 82nd US Airborne Division and the 1st British Airborne Division). The American allies who landed here were afraid of German attacks with tanks from the Reichswald (just over the border with Germany). Most of them stayed here to fight the German attacks which started on September 18th. Just one battalion went on their way to Nijmegen.
At the start of October all the civilians evacuated Groesbeek as it was in the line of fire for the whole winter. When the people came back in 1945 they found out that the entire city was completely destroyed.

On February 8, 1945 Operation Veritable started. 400.000 soldiers under command of field marshal Montgomery went through the Reichswald to Cleve and Wesel. On March the 10th they crossed the river Rhine. 2600 victims of this operation are now found in the Canadian cemetery.

Monument for the droppings of the Red Devils and operation Veritable This side is for the Red Devils This side is for the start of operation Veritable Monument for the landings zone of the British Airborne Corps headquarters
Monument for the drop zone of the 505th PIR and the frontier watch of the Canadians Drop and landings zone of the 505th PIR This windmill was a beacon and observationpost during the landings Monument for general James M. Gavin
The entrance of the Canadese cemetery Monument for the missing British and Canadian soldiers There are 2617 graves The Cross of Sacrifice
A Canadian grave Here was the meeting point for the attaque of operation Veritable