So far we found everything easily, but then we arrived at Heumen. We searched every street in this very small village but we couldnít find the monument. There was also no road leading us to the bridge over the Maas-Waalkanaal. In the end we decided to drive back to Overasselt where we found road signs to Molenhoek. So we finally arrived on the other side of the canal.
That evening we read about another event in the travel guide and noticed that we had to go back and visit the sluice. We started with it the next morning.

It was very hard to capture the sluice bridge at Heumen. The 504th PIR could get close to the bridge before they were seen by the Germans. The Germans stayed on a small peninsula and didnít want to surrender. The Americans couldnít go any further without the sluice bridge. It was a very small bridge for the XXX Corps, but it was the last undamaged bridge over the Maas-Waalkanaal. The other bridges were heavy damaged or completely destroyed. In the end after heavy fighting, the bridge was captured undamaged.

The sluice of Heumen The peninsula where the Germans stayed Monument for the Dutch soldiers who were killed in action in 1940