Thursday, April 6, 2006

The next stop was where the 82nd arrived on the other side of the river. In the spring the water level is much higher than in autumn 1945. They had to carry their boats across the sandy part but on this day the water level was close to the dike.
We couldnít see anything left of strongpoint Lent except a rampart of earth. On the road to it we found a sign which told us not to go any further.
In Lent we found the building what was used as a hospital. When I was taking pictures someone knocked on the window of a shop. He told me that I didnít have to take pictures, I could buy postcards in his shop with Greetings from Lent on it...

The first tanks crossed the bridge in the evening but they stopped in Lent for the night. Why the bridge had to be taken by day and not by night is still unclear? The tanks didnít go on.
We had seen everything that we planned to and we drove home.

At Huize St. Joseph were the wounded... ...of operation Market Garden nursed