Before we knew we were already at Mook. It was directly against Molenhoek. There we could easily find the places we were searching for. The bridge over the river Maas and a grave of a soldier of the British Suffolk Regiment. The grave was at the graveyard next to the church. There were two men working at the church and they parked their car in front of the entrance. We slipped through the small opening and got some comments from the men working. What should we do there?
Next to the entrance was the grave we were searching for, so we were ready quickly.
When we drove to the church we already saw a sign to the British cemetery, so we just needed a place to turn the car around. It wasnít necessary when we found another sign. This sign was placed on the Belgian manner and only was to be read when you are coming from the opposite direction.

The railway bridge over the Maas nowadays

The Germans blew up the railway bridge of Mook on September 17. The Americans didnít have a chance to capture it.
On September
20 the Germans conquered Mook again. The centre of the city was almost completely destroyed by American artillery fire. Only the church was left in tact. In the evening the Americans succeeded to conquer Mook back.

The Germans blew up this bridge on September 17 Next to this bridge is the grave of a British soldier The grave of the British soldier The British war cemetery
The Cross of Sacrifice The building with the register 322 allies are buried here These 5 headstones were closer to eachother than the other stones