After Tilly-sur-Seulles we visited another two villages where there was nothing to see, so we went to Martin-des-Bessages. Here we visited Musée de la Percée du Bocage (Museum of the Breakthrough of the Bushes). The description of this museum sounded interesting, but if we had known before we wouldn’t have visited it.
This museum was about the battle and the breakthrough of the hedgerows and banks in Normandy. We were the only ones in this museum, the third time this day. We rented a recorder with the explanation spoken in English. So far it was fine by us, but when we were inside the museum it seemed that we could see only the showcase where the explanation was talking about. The rest of the museum was dark so we couldn’t move on to see the things without an explanation. And the explanation was very looooooooooooong! Yawn.
So when it took so long we tried the museum opportunity of our new camera. The pictures are fine but we need a real tripod next time.

Musée de la Percée du Bocage Musée de la Percée du Bocage Musée de la Percée du Bocage

When we arrived at a big scalemodel the recorder stopped talking and we listened to the explanation over the speakers. So we thought we had already finished the museum. But no, after the scalemodel the recorder talked cheerfully further on.
Finally we saw everything and we could drive on.