June 2003

We stopped another time at the Pegasus Bridge. We had to take some pictures of what we didnít get last time.

We tried to follow the confrontation route from this bridge but it soon went somewhere wrong and we ended at Le Mémorial at Caen. This should have been at the end of this route and not now. After a few times of driving back and forth we decided to skip a part of this route and start again in Villers-Bocage. Happily, this route was very easy to find.
We made the conclusion that there was nothing to see in this village and the next village was the same story. The village was destroyed during the liberation and now you only see the new houses with an explanation panel from the route. But there was no monument or tank at this village.

This house was bombarded by the liberation At Tilly-sur-Seulles we visited Musée de la Bataille de Tilly (Museum of the Battle of Tilly). This museum is about the heavy battles between the 30th British Corps and the Panzer Lehr. During this 11 days of fighting this village was conquered and lost again 23 times before it was finally liberated. After this battle there were few buildings left. In this museum we saw that there was one house that was kept the way it was after all the bombardments and shootings. So we were searching for this house and we found the right street quickly. We walked that way out of town, so we agreed to walk to the bend and when we couldnít see the house we should turn around. After the bend we found another bend and then another, so we agreed that we should walk to the gate and then really turn around. Finally, there was the house that we had looking for.