At Saint-Laurent-sur-Mer we visited Musée Mémorial d’Omaha Beach. The museum was very small and there was little to see.

Monument for the National Guard At Vierville-sur-Mer, we couldn’t park our car at the parking place as there was another car already parked in front of it. So, we used the near by hotel's parking lot.
Marc took some sand from the beaches as a souvenir.
Omaha was divided into four sectors, from east to west; Fox, Easy, Dog and Charlie. At sector Dog Green, this is where the most American soldiers were killed and the situation was unclear. There was only a third of the soliders left to fight after the beach as the others had been killed.
There are some pieces to see from Mulberry A, the artificial harbour which was already destroyed by the storm on 19 until 20 of June.

The most soldiers were killed on this beach Sector Charlie Sector Dog Green, here was Mulberry A Sector Charlie
Low tide Sector Charlie Plaque Monument for the Comité du Débarquement