Batterie d'Azeville Batterie d'Azeville We looked for Batterie díAzeville in Azeville. It was a complete battery with casemates, corridors, bedrooms and ammunition dumps. There were ten persons who were in the tour group. The guide gave only a French explanation and those who didnít speak French were given papers with an English explanation. Only four people were listening to the guide and the other six were reading during the tour. The story told by the guide was not the same as the story on the papers, when the guide told a long story there were only three lines on the paper and the other way round. At the bottom of the paper was a line that told us to ask the guide if we had any question. It turned out that the guide could speak English after all. There was a man with an easy question about the battery. I was there for the first time in my life and I even knew the answer, but the guide did not.
It was pretty neat to see a complete battery. At most other batteries, you only see parts of the structure and most of the times the corridors are filled with dirt.