Utah Beach We went to Utah Beach at Sainte-Marie-du-Mont. The 4th US Infantry Division had accidentally landed 2 km farther southward than planned and started the invasion from there. This sector was not very well defended making it easy for the allies and materials to come ashore.
We visited Musée du Debarquement. It is located in a bunker on the Atlantic wall and is close to the landing point for Utah Beach.
Next-door was an Internet café and it was the only one with a computer from which we could access the Internet. I always thought an Internet café would have several computers with an ADSL connection. Part of the French keyboard is different from the Dutch keyboard, thus making it difficult to type a message.

Casemate Utah Beach Utah Beach Utah Beach
This bunker was painted also during the war Bunker Streets are dedicated to the allies who were killed in action Km 00 bollard, highway to freedom
Monument dedicated to the 90th Infantry Division Monument dedicated to the 1st Engineer Special Brigade Monument given by the USA for the 40th birthday of D-Day Monument dedicated to Omaha and Utah
Hedgehogs Hedgehogs anti aircraft guns M4A1(76)W with HVSS Sherman Tank
Higgins boat Higgins boat LVT 1 Alligator