We also visited Musée Août 44 (Museum August 44). We were there on time because the museum is scheduled to be closed between 12 a.m. and 2 p.m. This museum is about the Falaise Pocket and shows a lot of armoured cars.
DUKW It was very cold inside and the man behind the pay-desk also wore his jacket. He wasn’t the fastest with the small change either. One coin on the desk, counting, another coin, counting again and so on.
It is a nice museum, but it is a pity that the pictures and maps inside were getting moldy. Maybe they should turn the heater on and this might help.
On August 10th, at 10 kilometres from Falaise the Canadian troops couldn’t come through the defense of the 35 tanks of the 12. SS Panzerdivision (12th SS Armoured Division). In the nighttime of 13 and 14 August was when operation Tractable started. The offensive started with 100 bombers dropping 4000 bombs on Falaise. After a few days of very heavy fighting, Falaise was liberated on the 17th of August.
German 88mm FlaK 36/37 The Polish and Canadian allies couldn’t join at Montormel because of a small valley. Some German soldiers were able to escape through this valley.
The allies hesitated so 100,000 Germans could regroup near Chambois. The allies then surrounded them with the Canadian and Polish forces in the north, the British in the west and the Americans and French in the south. The Germans made a counterattack but they got repulsed. The next day German paratroopers forced a small passage through the blockade. A large fight followed and the Germans escaped as many as possible. Half of the Germans escaped before the Polish and American troops succeeded in closing the passage. The Germans who were left surrendered.