June 2003

M4(75) Sherman Tank M4(75) Sherman Tank We started the day near Avranches and we made our route. But in Vire, we already had to choose another route because a road was closed. So we had to drive 25 km on a very small road. That wouldn't have been so bad if we could driven 90 km/h, but we had a car in front of us who only drove 70 km/h. To make things worse, we were unable to pass them for the entire 25 km.
The French people don't know how to act on the road, or they drive like imbeciles and try to get in your trunk. This is even if there is a truck in front us and they can't see what is going on. It's either that or they drive like a snail.
In Avranches we found the counterattack route and followed our way to the museum. We passed a monument for general Patton, but unfortunately we couldn't take a picture of it because of the sun.
General Patton liberated Avranches on July 31st. He had conquered only one bridge, but he was able to move 7 divisions in three days time to the other side. From there he could move into Brittany.