We did go on with the route and we ended up in Mortain. There was a siren going on. It sounded like the Dutch air raid-signal when a disaster is happening. It turned out to be a fire alarm. In Mortain we visited a monument for the 30th US Infantry Division. Here was the last terrible counterattack from the Germans. The Germans tried to stop the American advance. Hitler had launched eight of the nine armoured divisions, which were stationed in Normandy. The bombers of the British Royal Air Force attacked the German tanks. Mortain was 84 % destroyed by this action. After hand-to-hand fighting, Mortain was liberated on August 12th. This monument was placed near a chapel and behind this chapel was a very nice view over the battlefield. With very good weather you can see the coast of Brittany, but unfortunately we didnít have that good weather.

Monument for the 30th US Infantry Division Behind this chapel is a nice view The view The view The view