When we left Remagen and drove to the highway we passed a German war cemetery. We had to visit it before we began the long drive home.

In the German Ruhr area, the American troops took more than 300,000 German soldiers prisoner. These prisoners were placed in 3 camps west of the Rhine also at Remagen. These Prisoner of War Temporary Enclosures were soon too small, though they had been set up to accommodate 50,000 prisoners each. On the 8th of May, there were over 160,000 prisoners of war in the ‘Goldene Meile’ camp near Remagen. Conditions were life threatening there as there was no food or drinking water and only a few prisoners had a coat or a tent canvas shelter. Consequently, 14 new PWTEs were then set up.
The 1,212 prisoners who didn’t survive camp ‘Goldene Meile’ were buried at the cemetery.

German war cemetery Bad Bodendorf 1212 German soldiers who didn't survive camp Goldene Meile German war cemetery Bad Bodendorf
A grave A grave for an unknown soldier