Sant Fe Event

The Americans go forward

Saturday, June 14, 2008

We have been to the Santa Fe Event in Roermond. A camp where vehicles from World War II could drive around, crafts could sail and re-enactors could fight.
Roermond and Venlo were liberated by the 35th US Infantry Division, also called the Santa Fe Division.
We arrived just in time to see the Mock Battle, a battle between the Americans and Germans.

The German defence of their part
There are wounded soldiers at both sides An American tries go get to his wounded mate
The Germans want to consult the Americans
The Germans want to cease fire to get the wounded and dead from the battlefield
A German wounded coming from the battlefield
Medics take care of a American wounded
The wounded soldier will be moved to a saver place
An ambulance is going to take the wounded soldier
The battle goes on again
The Americans get support from aromoured vehicles
They go on under cover of a M8 Greyhound
They go on under cover of a M8 Greyhound The Germans fight back The Germans fight back But in the end the Germans can't win from the superior forces