The terrain was only allied with a lot of vehicles, of course, but also a fully decorated hospital tent with wounded people and an operation tent.
After a while it started to rain very heavily. We and a lot of other people hid in the canteen tent. After the rain had stopped we had a few dry moments, but the nice weather was quickly gone again.
We were at the right place on the right time to see a gun shot. Well it wasn’t only seeing and hearing, it was also feeling a lot of compression.
We drove with a GMC through enemy terrain. This was a part were only vehicles could go and there we found a German camp. The GMC stopped here and we could visit this camp.
After this tour we had seen everything and decided to go.

English paratroopers guarding the entrance English paratroopers guarding the entrance English paratroopers guarding the entrance American paratroopers guarding the entrance
A bunker DUKW VW Schwimmwagen The allied field kitchen
The allied field kitchen
Halftrack The field hospital The operation room
The operation room
Operation stuff
The patients Dodge
BMW motor-cycle Dodge
A few vehicles
The defense line GMC GMC M8 Greyhound
A few tents British 25 pounder gun Just after the shot Oncoming cars
We drove with this GMC The German camp
The German fieldkitchen
American cemetery near the German camp
Grave of an American soldier
Dutch civilians during the war
Dutch civilian during the war
Civilians show their identity card